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The NorCal Viper Club is a Non-Profit Corporation operating as a 501(C7) and has a 3-member Board of Directors. The Club is governed by its latest Bylaws dated January 2016.

Sanjar Chakamian

President - Sanjar Chakamian

Sanjar has been in the Viper Club for over 15 years. He joined the club in 2002 after he bought his 1996 Red RT/10. Between 2012 and 2014, Sanjar served as the Event Director of the club planning and promoting club events and activities. Sanjar has also been an active member of the club and has hosted many events including several at his home. Sanjar is a semi-retired Management Executive and lives with his wife Sheri, who is an artist in Morgan Hill. He has a 1996 RT/10 and a 2017 ACR.


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NorCal Viper Club

Secretary - Jim Bray

Jim has been a member of the Viper Club for 11 years. He has been active in the Club including hosting events such as The Blues Cruise, The Littlefield Tank Museum Tour, the Suisun Bay Mothball Fleet Tour a Progressive Dinner and a couple of Guns & Vipers events. He has been the Club's Secretary since March of 2016.

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Tony Bates.jpg

Treasurer - Tony Bates

Tony joined the club in 2008 after buying a 2006 Gen 3 vert.  Then followed a 2010 Gen 4 ACR Voodoo and he currently drives a 2001 Gen 2 ACR.  Tony runs a Cyber-security company in Campbell.  Tony and his wife, Judy, live in Saratoga.

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NorCal Viper Club

Founding President - Maurice Liang

Maurice Liang founded the NorCal Viper Club in 1994 and served as its president for 20 years. In 1995, he founded the national Viper Club of America and served as its first president. In 2014, he co-founded the Viper Owners Association and served as first national president. Liang owns a Gen I and a Gen II Viper. He has authored two books about Vipers, the “Viper Buyers Guide” and “SRT Viper An American Supercar Returns”, both published by Motorbooks International. Liang was editor/photographer for Snake Eyes for 20 years, and is currently editor of VOA’s national magazine “Viper Quarterly”. 

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To view the Club's Bylaws, click on the link.

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